Stone Chip Repair

Automotive windshield repair saves money and offers car owners an option to complete windshield replacement. New windshields often cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000, depending on the car you own. Small chips or cracks in the window can be repaired for well under $100 using a technique that seals the break in the glass to prevent spreading. It’s best to repair any small cracks or irregularities in the car windshield as soon as possible to prevent the damage from worsening.

Windshields are composed of a laminate see-through layer of material sandwiched (called polyvinyl butyral) between two layers of glass. Laminated automotive safety glass has been used in vehicles since 1927. This type of safety glass, unlike regular window glass, breaks down into small pieces that stick to the middle plastic layer when shattered. The flexible layer of see-through plastic prevents the glass from scattering when broken. Laminated glass also blocks sound and ultraviolet rays. Repairing windshield glass involves not only patching the glass but also repairing the plastic layer in the middle. Repair stops any breaks or cracks from spreading. Repair is a viable option for most small cracks or star-shaped and bulls-eye chips.


Windshield repair companies aim to restore the integrity of your car windshield by injecting resin into the crack or chip. Before injecting the sealer, the area is completely cleaned to remove all traces of road dirt. Small holes are carefully drilled into the window to allow the resin to flow completely throughout the crack. Once injected, the resin bonds with the glass and plastic layer. Curing under a special light sets the resin and creates a bond with the glass. Polishing to smooth the surface and protect the resin application results in a repaired windshield with very little evidence of damage. Some repair areas may show areas of slight distortion in the glass.


Most windshield repair companies will perform repairs on chips that are smaller than a quarter and cracks that are smaller than 10 inches. Spiderweb cracks that extend out from a center chip often result in full windshield repair. Each break in the windshield should be evaluated individually to determine the safety and viability of any repair.


Chips and cracks falling directly into the line of the driver’s vision are also suspect. Some repairs can cause distortion in the glass and, as a result, some companies will not repair this portion of the windshield. Damage on the inside of the windshield cannot be repaired.


A professional should gauge the integrity and safety of the windshield before and after repair. Auto glass specialists, windshield repair companies or car dealers can be consulted for help repairing windshields. Some insurance companies will waive deductibles to pay for windshield repairs. This program ultimately saves the insurance company money since repair is considerably cheaper than full windshield replacement.


We will provide a lifetime warranty on auto glass leakage and workmanship for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. We are approved by every major insurance company. Glass damage usually falls under your comprehensive coverage and we can probably waive some of your deductible, leaving you with a better price. We can also take care of all the paperwork for you! If you have any questions about filing a claim for your auto glass service, we will be happy to answer any of your questions or guide you through the process.

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